Pre-export Quarantine For Horses

Exporting Horses from the USA to another country requires an isolation / quarantine period at our USDA approved facility. Your horse, by law, will then be tested for different diseases in order to meet all export requirements. During this time, SDC International Relocation Services will complete the required paperwork and blood work approved by the USDA veterinarian. SDC International’s staff is on standby to answer any questions about the process of shipping your horse. SDC International takes the isolation period very seriously. The regulations and conditions are accurately complied with. In addition, the animals receive excellent care. Virtually every country requires an isolation period before the horses are allowed to be transported, apart from America and a few other countries. During this isolation period, also called pre-export quarantine (PEQ), the horses are under veterinary supervision. The isolation period The isolation period starts after an inspection by the specific country’s governing body responsible for scrutinizing the isolation space and the animals. The duration depends on the requirements of the exporting country. For example, the horses from China or South Africa must remain in solitary confinement for 30 days. Ideally, a well outfitted quarantine stable has well-designed washing areas. These stables should not limited to a single area. Properly designed isolation facilities should feature strategically divided and compartmentalized stables so that multiple countries can be put into isolation. Only authorized stable personnel should have access to these areas. The quarantine department should offer divided access to arenas and lunging pens, so that your horse can remain in training.

Whether your horses are competing in Grande Prix or family pets, their Pre-Quarantine experience will reflect the highest standards in quality and care.

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