Intern Moves

Interns deserve MORE when it comes to their relocation packages! At SDC International Relocation Services, we understand how to service intern moves and never minimize the value that interns bring to a company.

From Lump Sum Management to 30% more services, SDC International Relocation Services will care for your interns and help you get the most out of your capped budgets.  We believe that each intern deserves a holistic experience for their relocation! That’s why we start with complimentary policy design and consultations to help you build out an intern policy that Interns (and your bottom line) will love!

We pay attention to the details :

We offer professional packing services to ensure interns’ belongings are handled with care and efficiency.

Whether they’re working within a lump sum or a managed cap policy, we’ll get your interns the most services for the amount budgeted!

Transportation and Logistics

We offer reliable transportation and logistics solutions to ensure interns’ belongings are transported safely and efficiently to their new location.

At SDC, we have small shipment and groupage options to meet your interns’ needs. We also recognize that sometimes extra baggage is a more appropriate option.  Let us maximize your relocation spend on interns with special services that will make them feel right at home!

Temporary Housing Assistance

We assist interns in finding temporary housing options that meet their needs and budget.

Need to take a look at shared (dorm style) housing options? Want to curate the experience that your interns share? Look no further – our intern housing experts will help you find the perfect housing solution.

Dedicated Intern Specialists

Our dedicated intern relocation specialists have the expertise to understand your interns’ unique needs and challenges. Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service is unparalleled in the industry.

We provide personalized consultations to understand each intern’s relocation needs and preferences, then develop customized relocation plans tailored to each intern’s individual circumstances. And we always go the extra mile to provide exceptional service, even in unforeseen circumstances. We continually encourage feedback from interns to allow for the continual improvement of our services.

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