Pet & Companion Animal Relocation

From Chihuahuas to Clydesdales, SDC International Relocation Services caters to animals and their people, from every walk of life.

Over 2 million pets travel every year. That’s 6% of all family-owned companion animals. From cats and dogs to horses, ponies, rabbits and more! When arranging relocation services for a critical international assignment or important new talent, you may have to consider their furry family members as well. That’s right, there are many folks who may not be interested in accepting a huge opportunity abroad, if their cherished family pets are not allowed to accompany them.

So how complicated is it to transport an assignee’s beloved pets? Well, there are many components to flying pets internationally and with a trusted advisor like SDC International Relocation Services, you and your assignee’s will received trustworthy guidance, every step of the way.

During our customer intake – we’ll work with the assignee and family to identify any pets, special needs, and transportation methods available. Some breeds are banned in certain countries, so, careful advance planning ensures that your employee experiences the very best service for their best friends!

Our dedicated pet shipping expert will work with the family to ensure that ALL documentation is in place, apply all vaccinations, arrange travel, and prepare the pet for the journey ahead.

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